Specialists in sack trucks and materials handling

The BIL Castors & Wheels Division can supply anything from lightweight furniture castors to ultra-heavy-duty fabricated industrial models – up to 11,500kg load capacity – within 24 hours. To find out more, click on the link below to their website.

BIL Group itself supplies the management and operational systems that keep the other divisions running smoothly.

BIL Materials Handling manufacture and supply a full range of sack trucks and other specialist materials handling equipment. The product range covers everything from lightweight sack trucks to heavy industrial moving systems.

All operations and procedures are auto-batch-traceable and audited to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Likewise group products are extensively field-tested and/or checked by our own purpose-built test facility or evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK.

We are fully committed to a policy of customer satisfaction through excellence of products and service with continual improvements in all areas. This includes the development and marketing of new high-grade materials and products, such as sack trucks etc.. to meet the demands of our customers throughout Europe.

All BIL Group products are delivered rapidly to anywhere in the European Union.

A trademarked brand of the BIL Group's Material Handling Division.

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